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About Lanna Thai

At Lanna Thai Restaurant, we strive to bring you a new, original & authentic taste of Thailand & hope you enjoy this unique cuisine through our variety dishes within Thai tradition.

We are surely pleased to listen to any suggestions as how we could improve our restaurant to make Lanna Thai the place to return to again. If you need any information in ordering any kinds of our dishes or food allergies please do not hesitate to ask our friendly staff.

Introduction to Thai Cuisine

When asking to describe Thai food, one usually says "It's hot & spicy". Actually there is no single adjective to replace that basic characteristic taste of real Thai food which comes from a mixture of salt & pepper, garlic & coriander, onion & ginger, turmeric & peppercorn & other spices pounded together into favourable qualities.

This aromatic combination includes a large number of herbs, roots, flowers & even leaves. Also some other essential ingredients with coconut milk or cream blends to produce a smooth, creamy base & offsetting-spiciness. These include a colourful ornament to design an unforgettable counterpart. A typical Thai meal consists of steamed rice with many different dishes. The dishes are not courses & they are all served at the same time. Take a spoonful of one dish with some rice & another dish with the same rice, enjoy the different taste & texture of each dish. We have intended to present a balanced representation of authentic Thai dishes. We hope you will enjoy the experience of Thai cuisine & return to work your way through our extensive menu.

We will include a 10% service charge for tables of 5 people and above.

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